How to Manage an Agency Inspection

EPA conducts about 20,000 inspections a year. And that's not counting the inspections conducted by state and local environmental agencies. What you do before, during and after an inspection often determine the outcome.

We offer a one-hour PRACTICAL webinar on what to do before, during and after an EPA inspection. This is one of the sessions in our popular 2-day environmental compliance
seminars attended by over 2000 environmental professionals.

The webinar will walk you through:

What to do before the inspector shows up.
How to prepare your staff before the inspection.
What to discuss during the opening conference with the inspector
The dos and don'ts when the inspector is at your facility
How to minimize the chance of being cited for a violation found during the inspection
What to do during the closing conference
What steps you need to take after the inspection.

The cost for this one-hour webinar is $195 with unlimited number of participants at a single location. To register, click